Pledge of Support – 1,000 Women Strong Trade Initiative

In recognition of the importance of gender parity, which can contribute as much as $12 trillion globally,1 and as global trade and investment are essential to South Florida’s economy, gender-balanced leadership is crucial to the future of our prosperity. 

Therefore, I pledge my support for the World Trade Center Miami’s 1,000 Women Strong Trade Initiative to advocate:

  • Empowering women to raise their voices in support of international trade and of ongoing and new initiatives in gender parity in the international trade arena.
  • Strengthening U.S. free trade agreements to provide equal access to opportunities for women-owned businesses and promote gender equality in the workplace. 
  •  Automating U.S. and global trade processes, which remove barriers to trade and growth, and in turn, creates opportunities for workplace advancements for women.
  • Investing in South Florida’s trade-related infrastructure, and creating exciting new business opportunities for women entrepreneurs and executives in our community. 
  • Enhancing career and professional opportunities for women in South Florida through leadership and mentoring programs.
NOTE:  Please ask other international business executives – both men and women – to sign this pledge and support the goals of the 1,000 Women Strong Trade Initiative.

1 Reducing gender inequality and increasing workforce participation for women has a positive multiplier effect. A recent McKinsey Global Institute highlighted that advancing women’s equality can add $12 trillion to global growth. 

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